' Caparone - Wine Club Frequently Asked Questions

Wine Club Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common Caparone Wine Club questions. Feel free to email us with any questions not answered below.

How will I know when a shipment is coming?
We send shipments in February, May, September and December. Approximately 1-2 weeks before your shipment, we send out an email to let you know it is coming. Tracking information is usually available and sent automatically once the wine is shipped.

Can I pick up my shipment?
Yes, just specify pick up when you join, or let us know at least 2 weeks in advance, or when you receive your quarterly shipment email.

How can I get the library wines you mention?
Once a year, we release a small amount of library wines, aged a minimum of 10 years in our cellar. These wines are offered exclusively to wine club members via email, and sell out very quickly. As a member, you will be on the email list and will be notified when they are available.

I will be on vacation, and can’t be around to receive my shipment. Can I reschedule it?
Yes, as long as you let us know before the shipping month, or immediately upon receiving your shipment email. Just contact us with a time that you can receive the wine.

I am a club member, and would like to send a gift to a friend. How can I do this?
Simply use our secure order form, or give us a call.

I need to update my credit card information. How can I do this?
You may update your information by phone, or by submitting it via our website. 
Your information will be automatically updated.

I am a Club member, but I am not receiving emails about Club shipments. How can I receive them?
Occasionally due to penmanship issues or typos, we get an incorrect email address. Drop us a line with your correct address, and we’ll make the changes.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel simply contact us via phone or email, or select the cancel option in your online account.