As Dave says, nebbiolo is a grape for winemakers who have mastered pinot noir, and are looking for a greater challenge. We established our nebbiolo vineyard at our San Marcos Road site in 1980, and have made nebbiolo every year for over 20 vintages. We now have old wines in the bottle that have developed beautifully, and have revealed the great potential for nebbiolo in certain parts of Paso Robles. A notorious grape that is extremely sensitive to microclimate, in our vineyard it ripens fully every year and produces wines that have great varietal character and correct color. Yields are carefully kept to approximately 2 tons per acre. Our nebbiolo wine has the characteristic aromas of camphor, tar and roses, with brick-red color. Classic nebbiolo flavors of mint, plums and licorice are coupled with strong tannins and good acidity - this wine will easily age for 25 years or more. This is a wine for those looking for a completely different wine experience.