Frequently Asked Questions

You say that your wines are unfined and unfiltered, yet they aren't cloudy. Why are they so clear? It is true that our wines are not fined or filtered, instead we use the simple traditional technique called racking, in which the wine is carefully siphoned off the sediment that sinks to the bottom of the barrel. Since we rack multiple times per year and our wines spend at least two years in the barrel, we are able to obtain a high degree of clarity.

Your wines taste different than most California wines. Why is that? Since our earliest beginnings, we have tried to make wines that we like to drink. Our favorite wines are of the classic style, i.e. wines with varietal character, good balance, strong tannin structure, good fruit flavors and correct color. We enjoy well-aged red wines and like younger wines that are made to age. We also like wines that compliment food, and have good acidity and moderate alcohol levels. We are not fans of the 'international style' wines that are highly acclaimed today, nor do we especially care for big, jammy wines without varietal character, or wines that have been processed to excess. So our style has emerged from our personal preferences, and fortunately for us, our customers share our tastes.

What is the best way to serve your wines? Since our wines are not processed, they should be handled a little differently. They are not as sensitive to air as most wines, which means that an open bottle will continue to be good for at least 3 days. If you plan on serving an entire bottle in a day, we recommend that you aerate or decant the wine several hours before serving. If you prefer to consume a bottle over several days, don't decant it, rather, give each glass a good swirl and a few minutes in the glass to 'open up' before taking a sip.

How long will your wines age? When stored under proper cellar conditions, each variety we produce will age for 25 years or more. Recent tastings of Dave's 1974 Cabernet show that they will last beyond that, if you have the patience. As the wines age, they continue to grow in complexity and develop wonderful, velvety texture. For us, a well-aged red is the ultimate wine experience, and we encourage you to put away a few bottles. For those of you who can't wait, library selections are periodically offered to wine club members.

Why don't you make any blends? Why no whites or desert wines? Our focus has always been in single-vineyard red wines. The world of wine is large, and we feel that it is best to specialize in one small area, rather than try to be all things to all wine consumers. A single vineyard wine, made from a carefully selected vineyard, is what we are most interested in.

Where can I get your wines? You may order our wines directly from this site, on our order page, and have them delivered directly to your door.. Through our Wine Club you can obtain our wines at a fabulous price. We also sell our wines to select retailers and restaurants in several states. Check out our Where to Buy (link) page for more information.

Why have you chosen to stay small? We stay small simply because we enjoy making wine. At our winery, we do every part of the winemaking process ourselves, without employees. If we were larger, we would be managers, not hands-on winemakers. In addition, the style of wine that we make is too labor-intensive to make in large quantities. We also like to sell our wines at a reasonable price, w hich keeps our customers coming back, even after 20 years or more.