Why just $16.00?

Caparone wines have always been known as great values. Our wines frequently beat 40 dollar wines in blind tastings. In a world in which premium wine prices have gone through the roof, many people ask us if we are crazy for selling ultra-premium, handmade wine at affordable prices. Our answer: No, we’re not crazy, we’ve just been around for a long time. Nearly 30 years in the wine business and an aversion to showy “Falcon Crest” style wineries has kept our overhead low. And time has shown us something too: in the wine world, the brands that give great value survive, the ones that try to impress with high prices tend to come and go. Since we are a family operation, intent on being around awhile, with customers going back 25 years or more, we focus on making great wine and selling it at a great price. We may not have a fancy gate to our vineyard, but we think you'll let that slide when you taste the wine.